30 minute performance
Oui Performance, York
Art Evict, London
]performance space[ London
British Art Show 7, Nottingham
Photographs by Nathan Walker

Victoria Gray and The Horizontal arrangements of things and garments. The things explain each other, the tonal colours index pale skin, off-white, and cream nouns like rising to the top of the milk pail. Pale colours and highlights of copper and almost an invisible gold thread joining Gray to the wall. Gray gradually grounds the copper pipe is it? It lies in a composition of tights, tights, honey, Copper trousers. A Male aftershave inside a female tight leg is walked around the other objects in the arrangement on the floor. The surface floor is performing the composition of the horizontal. Actions work from the ground up. A quiet uttering of a male voice underneath a female tight.

Extract from 'There There: Victoria Gray at British Art Show 7', by Nathan Walker, published by a-n Artists' Information Company, UK. .

Forces: basement; cotton wool; fire; smoke; dryness; dehumidifier; white mould; black mould; estrogen; progesterone; tearing; equivalencies; flesh tones; quiet; dampness; burning; underwear; tights; muscle; precision; weight loss; anaemia; Eva Hesse; Roni Horn; Sara Lucas; Ana Mendieta; Ambrose Street; Raynaud's disease; tessellation; insertion