Prone I
Prone I
Prone I

Prone I


30 minute performance
PAErsche, Interval
Kunstlerforum Bonn, Germany
Curated by Marita Bullman
Photographs by Jurgen Fritz

'I strain to pull my hair out from under my knee. At the same time, in a counter-productive movement, I press my knee down hard on my hair. My ribs, because of this action, are peeled apart. My spine, reptilian- like, fans open like a concertina. Like a crane, my head is arched towards the ground, almost graceful, producing a sensual curve in the back of the neck.

As my hair is prised from my scalp, the skin of my skull begins to separate from the bone. Pulled hair follicles become visible to the naked eye. In an unplanned moment, a loss of control, several strands of hair are torn from my head, as if pulling a stitch through cloth.'

Extract from PhD thesis, 'A Somatics of Affect: Articulating affective-kinaesthetic experience' (V.Gray, 2018)

Forces: notochord; autonomic nervous system rhythm; neuroenteric canal; primitive streak; front body; back body; middle body; soft spine; establishing axial space; obstetrical forceps delivery; pre-vertebrate patterning; mouthing pattern; neurocellular developmental movement patterns; push-pull patterns; birthing canal; cerebrospinal fluid force; fontanelle