2017 PhD Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts, London
2013 Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
2012 Post Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice, York St John University
2010 MA, Performance & Fine Art, York St John University
2004 BA (Hons) Contemporary Performance, Northern School of Contemporary Dance
2002 Foundation Degree, Contemporary Performance, Newcastle College



I am first & foremost a practicing artist & practice-led researcher. In addition to my practice, I work in the arts, humanities, education, health & social care sectors in the following capacities:

2019: Neurodiversity Consultant & Autism Expert-by-Experience
2015: Artist Coach / Mentor & Neurodiversity Coach / Mentor


2019 - 24: Autism Mentor & Study Skills Specialist, Spectrum First Education, The University of York

2011-18: PhD Candidate, Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts

2011-18: Sessional Lecturer, HE, Inc.: Northumbria University, Nottingham Trent University, Concordia University (Montreal), Zurich University of the Arts, Slade School of Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art & Design, Camberwell College of Art, York St John University

2018-19: Artist Mentor, Centre for Research in Autism & Education, University College London

2017-18: PT Lecturer, MFA Creative Practice, Trinity Laban Conservatoire, London

2017-18: PT Lecturer, MA Choreography, Leeds Beckett University

2008-13: Senior Lecturer, BA programmes, Faculty of Arts, York St John University

2004-07: Programme Leader & Lecturer, BTEC programmes , Newcastle College


2023 Welter (with Sam Williams) Visions in the Nunnery, Bow Arts, London
2021 Welter (with Sam Williams) [Online] Shape Arts
2021 Sound is a Poltergeist to Me, In Conversation with Elinor Hayes, Shape Arts
2021 Autistic Joy In Conversation series with: Erin Manning, Louisa Martin & Madeleine Ryan
2020 Dance Insights. [Online] DanceXchange (with Roberta Jean)
2020 Gesture / Pause / Proximity. [Online] Curators: Marianne Holm Hansen & Orlagh Woods
2017 Healing Sounds, Flare 3, Vane Gallery, Newcastle. Curated by Denys Blacker.
2016 Healing Sounds, Flare 2, Gallery North, Newcastle. Curated by Denys Blacker.
2016 Healing Sounds, Flare 1, Gallery North. Curated by Denys Blacker.
2015 Berthing Bone, Care + Attend, Chelsea College of Art & Design (with Emma Cocker)
2015 Ballast, VIVA! Art Action, Montréal, Canada
2015 Ballast, FADO Performance Art Centre, Toronto, Canada
2015 Ballast, 5th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, Greece
2015 Ballast, Drafting, Baltic 39, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Newcastle Upon Tyne
2015 Ballast, Brewing Performance, The Tetley Centre for Contemporary Art, Leeds
2014 The Ponderous Counter Spectacle of Things Ceasing to Be, Live Research, facilitated by Michael Klien. What Now Festival. Independent Dance. London
2014 Boll, Centre de Cultura de Dones Francesca Bonnemaison, Barcelona
2014 Boll, La Cistern, Museum of History, Centre for Contemporary Art, Spain
2014 Astral Body, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich, London
2014 Anti-Clockwise Circles with the Left Hand, Royal Museums Greenwich, London
2014 Berthing Bone, Bloc Projects, Sheffield (with Emma Cocker)
2013 Gentle Panic, (with Nathan Walker), performance space, London
2013 White Stalk, 8th Biennial of Photography, Raczej Gallery, Poznan, Poland
2013 The Vagina As Autonomous Zone, The Exchange Gallery, Cornwall
2013 53 Sounds, (with Nathan Walker), Catalyst Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland
2012 Coal Tit, PAErsche, Künstlerforum, Bonn, Germany
2012 40 Sounds (with Nathan Walker), COPY // DOUBLE, Bloc Projects Gallery, Sheffield
2012 Stiff Baroque (video), Emergency Index Book Launch, The Kitchen, NYC, USA
2011 Vessel, Abandon Normal Devices Festival, Liverpool
2011 Northness, Exchange Radical Moments, Manchester
2011 Carl Andre III, performance space / The Live Art Development Agency, London
2011 Carl Andre II, TactileBOSCH, Experimentica Festival, Cardiff, Wales
2011 Carl Andre I, Grace Exhibition Space, NYC, USA
2011 Tusk, The Tomorrow People, Elevator Gallery, London
2011 A Minimum of Presence, Newbridge Project Space, Newcastle Upon Tyne
2010 There There, Sideshow 2010, British Art Show 7, Nottingham
2010 Loop, What Now Festival, Siobhan Davies Studios, London
2010 Limen, Chisehale Dance Space, London
2010 Loop, The Centre for Contemporary Arts at Crewe, Manchester
2010 Drei, Art Evict, The Laundry [squat], London
2010 Drei, Oui Performance, York
2010 Note to Five, Art Evict, 195 Mare Street, London
2010 Loop, Independent Dance, Siobhan Davies Dance Studios, London


2021 Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England
2021 a-n, Artist Information Company, Time Space Money Grant
2017 Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England, National Lottery
2017 a-n, Artist Information Company, Artists' Bursary
2016 Arts Admin Artists' Bursary, Arts Admin, London
2015 Arts Council England & British Council (Performances in Toronto & Montreal)
2015 Yorkshire Visual Arts Network, Artists' Development Fund
2015 Oppenheim – John Downes Memorial Trust, UK (PhD Grant)
2015 Yorkshire Ladies' Council for Education (PhD Grant)
2015 University of the Arts International Research Grant (Researcher at Hammer Museum, LA)
2015 University of the Arts International Research Grant (Researcher at UCLA, USA)
2014 Senselab, Concordia University, Canada (Researcher at Senselab, Zurich)
2014 The Sir Richard Stapley Education Trust, UK (PhD Grant)
2014 Yorkshire Ladies' Council for Education (PhD Grant)
2014 Oppenheim – John Downes Memorial Trust (PhD Grant)
2014 University of the Arts Research Grant (Researcher at Concordia University, Montreal)
2014 The Micklegate Trust, York (PhD Grant)
2014 The Company of Merchant Taylors York (PhD Grant)
2013 Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England
2013 Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England (Oui Performance)
2013 York St John University Research Grant (Researcher at Performing Arts Forum, France)
2013 York St John University Research Grant (Delegate at Stanford University, USA)
2013 a-n, Artist Information Company, Collaboration Grant, UK
2013 The Company of Merchant Taylors, York
2013 University of the Arts Research Grant (Delegate at Stanford University, USA)
2012 Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England (Oui Performance)
2012 University of the Arts Research Grant
2011 Lisa Ullmann, International Travel Scholarship (Residency in New York)
2011 York St John University, PhD Funding Award for Chelsea College of Art & Design
2010 Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England (Oui Performance)
2010 NAN Go & See Bursary, a-n, Artist Information Company (Oui Performance)
2010 Post-Graduate Scholarship, York St John University
2009 Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England (Oui Performance)


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2015 The Society for Artistic Research Spring Event 2015, Chelsea College of Art and Design
2014 Puff of Smoke: Curating live art in the gallery, The Tetley, Leeds
2014 Sound, Gender, Feminism, Activism. Centre for Research into Sound Arts Practice
2014 Choreographing Social Movements in the Americas. Concordia University, Montréal
2013 Embodied Engagement: Immersive Performance. The University of Glasgow
2013 The Practice Exchange. Chelsea College of Art & Design, London
2013 Panel Convener. Performance Studies International. Stanford University, California
2013 The Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance, Brunel University, London
2011 Open Dialogues. Writing the Space Symposium, University of Leeds
2011 Documentation and the Future of Memory. York St John University
2009 Notes on a Return Symposium, Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle


2020 MA Fine Art. York St John University, York
2017 MA Fine Art. Northumbria University, Newcastle
2017 PhD Programme. Zurich University of the Arts
2017 MA Performance. Leeds Beckett University
2014 MA Interior and Spatial Design. Chelsea College of Arts, London
2014 Sense Lab, Concordia University, Montréal, Canada
2014 Dance City, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
2014 School of Art & Design, Nottingham Trent University (with Nathan Walker)
2013 Slade School of Fine Art, Graduate School, University College London
2013 The Exchange Gallery, Cornwall (with Poppy Jackson & Bean)
2012 Compass Symposium for Live Art, The Carriageworks, Leeds
2011 Grace Exhibition Space, New York
2011 Faculty of Art, Environment & Technology, Leeds Metropolitan University
2010 Enquiry Based Learning Symposium, York St John University
2010 Leeds School of Arts, Leeds Beckett University (with Nathan Walker)
2010 Cheshire Centre for Contemporary Art, Manchester Metropolitan University
2009 New Work Network Symposium, Arc Centre for Architecture, Hull


2021 Autism Wellbeing Ltd, 'Sensory Trauma: autism, sensory difference & the daily experience of fear'

2020 Spectrum First Education Ltd, 'Sensory Processing: Understanding sensory processing differences for neurodiverse people'

2019 National Autistic Society: Five Core Training Modules

• Understanding Autism
• Autism and Communication
• Autism and Sensory Experience
• Autism, Stress and Anxiety
• Autism: Supporting Families

2019 Spectrum First Education Ltd, CPD LEVEL 3 AWARD 'Understanding the support needs of autistic students in Higher Education'

2019 KEYFORT Education Ltd, OCN LEVEL 3 AWARD 'Using Person-Centred Practice to Support Autistic Students in Higher Education'

2018 Centre for Research into Autism and Education (CRAE), University College London, 'Strategies and methods for delivering online mentoring to autistic students in the Creative Arts'